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YOU CAN help Stop SENATE BILL 722 (The Home Tax)

Wow! In just three days, 833 of your fellow community leaders and owners signed CAN’s Petition against the 2016 Home Tax Bill.  

I feel confident we will obtain over 1,000 Petition signatures before Wednesday at 4 pm 1/13/16 when SB 722 will be heard in the Senate. This Bill is the companion Bill to HB 203.

We continue to need your help! Please sign the Petition (click here) and send the link to your friends and neighbors. We need as many signatures as possible before the Senate considers this bad law during the Senate Regulated Industries Committee meeting. We want to show our Senators we oppose this Bill. 


Here is what some of your friends and neighbors have to say:

Legislation continually places increased burden on Associations effectively causing members to insure the financial misdeeds of individuals. Banks are the primary beneficiaries of their own malfeasance. Associations need to recoup their costs rather than spread it among their members“- Ernest Sanborn, Lakeland, FL.

This is a bad idea to place the burden of preparing these documents on the community. How many times will this be prepared by looky loo owners who are not serious about purchasing…costing communities money, time and effort to no benefit of there own. Simply not fair“- Jeffry Gay, Sarasota, FL.

I’m an Association attorney – and a lot of work goes into drafting estoppel letters. They aren’t just a print out, we pain-stakingly calculate interest, late fees, etc. and it can be a very complicated process! This would be hugely unfair to Community Associations, who are still recovering from the foreclosure crisis and absolutely cannot afford to be out-of-pocket even more for this work!“- Jennifer Cunha, Jupiter, FL.

This bill is not acceptable in that it does not provide any advantage or benefit to owners. We are being financially threatened by the financial power of banks to share in their rightful responsibilities as though the condo owners asked for it. There is no benefit to the owners. If the bank took what is spent on lawyers and lobbiests, the “sharing” bills would not be necessary. We didn’t ask to share in their Tom Sawyer’s offer to paint the fence“- Patricia Jaffe, Orange Park, FL.

This bill financially benefits a select few business and lobby groups at the expense of voting home owners. This Bill clearly is not in the best interest of homeowners and should clearly not by supported by our elected officials.”- Roy Hyatt, Cocoa, FL.

I represent our Association and serve as president – I strongly oppose passing these potential fees to the Associations – they are ill-equipped to cover additional, unwarranted expenses“- Conetta Mansfield, Estero, FL.

Why does a member of an HOA that pays her dues on time has to pay for those who don’t? Why do I have to take the risk in a real estate transaction in which I am not personally involved? Let all the entities that will financially benefit from that transaction assume the risks as well! Why does the HOA is to be left with even more money to collect from an owner who is already behind in his/her dues? Why are the legislators more concerned about what is convenient for the entities that benefit financially from the real estate transaction than about the homeowners?“- Ivonne Stoner, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Lobbying interests of the Real Estate industry are attempting to influence the operations of community associations, an industry which is related-to, but separate and distinct from, their own“- Chuck Strode, Orlando, FL.

I’m signing this petition because I think it’s unfair“- Joshua Butler, Miami, FL.

This is an additional tax on owners of Condominium units. This rewards delinquent unit owners and passes the cost on to responsible owners“- Jose Pazos, Miami, FL.

I am concerned that the financial health and well being of Associations and their members are at risk if estoppels are not required to be updated and not paid for prior to completion“- Julie Morris, Ocoee, FL.

I am the President of Lakes of Environ Condominium Association and feel a no vote is the best vote for my condo“- Arlene Adelkodf, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

As a homeowner in a community association, these bills would increase my fees and assessments in the following ways: (1) forcing my Association to become a debt collector instead of being paid when my Association renders its services just like everyone else; (2) arbitrarily limiting how much title companies should pay my Association for its services – if the actual costs are higher, then the Association must pay the difference; and (3) if the home doesn’t sell, the Association won’t get paid – fees and assessments will have to be raised to pay for someone else’s home purchase.”- William Plaza, Miami, FL.

I strongly feel that this will be a major financial burden to associations and is totally unnecessary!“- Theresa Sutherland, Apopka, FL.



YOU CAN help Stop The Home Tax by signing the  Petition (if you are unable to open, please cut and paste the link below into your browser):

Thank you for your help.  

Yours in Community,

Alan Garfinkel, Esq.
Katzman Garfinkel, Founding Partner
Community Advocacy Network (CAN), Chairman

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