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Like Your Lawyer? Really? Yes. It is not only possible but preferable.

Being an effective attorney and being likable should not be mutually exclusive. While there will always be the stereotype of the lawyer as a pretentious bully, the reality is that you won’t work successfully long-term with any professional advisor who does not have what is sometimes called the “Likeability Factor.”

Often when potential clients come to us for legal assistance, we ask them this seemingly innocuous question in the course of our discussion: “Why are you looking for new representation?  Don’t you like your lawyer?”

That question has produced more befuddled answers than any other that we have asked over our many years in the practice of law. People are almost astounded by the fact that we would even ask such a question, as if a client liking their lawyer is not a possibility. Even though people routinely use likeability as a screening factor for those they vote for, marry, employ and choose as friends, the concept of applying that same criteria to professional advisors has somehow been lost.

“We love what we do and who we work with. Leigh and I want to eliminate any barriers between our firm and our clients,” said Founding Partner Alan Garfinkel. “We want to like our clients and want our clients to like us.”

Our philosophy has always been to surround ourselves both personally and professionally with likeable and talented people.  Some attorneys will tell you that it is not important that you like them as long as they “get the job done.” In our opinion, that is an excuse. It is possible to be a highly effective lawyer while possessing the type of character that make our clients want to take us home for dinner. We believe it is not only beneficial, but essential to the attorney-client relationship to “Like Your Lawyer.”

The law firm of Katzman Garfinkel has been representing shared ownership communities for decades and we understand what volunteer boards and their managers need from their legal representation in order to meet their goals and be happy to boot. If you are looking for Likeable Lawyers who are well qualified to assist you, look no further and call us so we ensure make the improbability of a relationship with an effective AND Likeable Lawyer, a reality for you.

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