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Like a Good Neighbor… CAN is Here :)

By Alan B Garfinkel, Esq.

In a world of increasingly divisive and antagonistic political dialogue, CAN remains a strictly non-partisan practical organization looking out for the owners and residents of nearly 60,000 community associations in Florida. By keeping close tabs on special interest groups in Tallahassee seeing to tack on more fees or costly regulations, CAN provides community associations information and access to our elected representatives. 

Within the last 30 days alone, CAN brought community association leaders to the table to sit down and discuss issues face-to-face with legislators and key staff from over a dozen legislative districts including Representative Mike Miller, Representative John Cortes, Senator Thad Altman, Senator Darren Soto, Representative Debbie Mayfield, Representative Larry Metz, Representative Jennifer Sullivan, and Representative Ritch Workman.

Left to Right: Alan Garfinkel, Esq., Representative John Cortes, Representative Mike Miller and Leigh Katzman, Esq.  

CAN provided a venue where community association residents were able to set the record straight and advocate for their communities and their neighbors. Our participants at the Legislative Town Halls not only educated our elected lawmakers, but also helped form lasting relationships with them. In last week’s Alerts, I asked for feedback and interest in future Legislative Town Hall events, and the response was enormous. Thank you!

State representatives rarely have the chance to just focus on issues related to community and homeowner associations. The legislators clearly appreciated the face-to-face with their constituents, and CAN continues to be approached by representatives from both sides of the aisle. This truly is bipartisanship in action, with republicans and democrats talking to one another in a civil manner for the good of the millions of Florida residents living in community associations. CAN’s Legislative Town Halls are not only bringing constituents and legislators together, but showing our elected representatives the collective power of our initiative by bringing groups of residents and neighbors together for the benefit of the associations many of us live in and serve.

With your support and our eye on Tallahassee, together we helped delay and defeat the Title Companies and their lobbyists’ attempt to shift the costs of estoppel fees from individual sellers to the remaining owners in our communities. CAN has for years, fought hard and will continue to break down the barriers lobbyists want to see in place. CAN regularly teaches courses, publishes guidebooks relating to all aspects of community living, trains HOA board members in weekly classroom settings and in our signature Board Member Boot Camp” series, and we even have a free Android App or IPhone App for the most accurate and up-to-date information on Florida laws governing associations. We encourage you to utilize all of our free resources!

Thank you for your continued participation and interest in your neighborhood associations.

Yours in Community,


Alan Garfinkel, Esq. 

Katzman Garfinkel, Founding Partner

and Community Advocacy Network (CAN), Chairman  

Source: Can FL Alerts

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