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The Collection Department at Katzman Garfinkel understands that assessments are the financial lifeblood of a community association and, as such, has invested in the best attorneys and staff to assist our clients in collecting delinquent assessments as quickly and painlessly as possible.

In addition to having highly qualified people dedicated solely to collections, Katzman Garfinkel advances all fees and costs throughout the collection process so our clients do not have to spend money each month when they can least afford it. In fact, Katzman Garfinkel defers ALL billing until the conclusion of a collection matter. Further, we also advance ALL costs, including the lien fees, court filing fees, and service of process fees. In many instances, the Association ultimately owes the Firm nothing at conclusion, unless we cannot collect from the owner or by any other means. Unlike firms that are paid monthly regardless of how quickly the matter is resolved, we are not paid until the conclusion of your collection matter. Hence, it is our goal to make sure your files are resolved as expeditiously as possible.

Katzman Garfinkel has always been innovative and aggressive in the collection of your community’s debts, and we will continue to be trend setters in this area. We want you to be able to follow the progress of your cases and know that everything is moving as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Board members and property managers have access to our interactive website that provides status reports (updated DAILY) of all collection and foreclosure matters we are handling for you. Since the ultimate goal is to get your community paid, we have also created a separate website,, which makes it easier for your delinquent owners to bring their accounts current.

It is our goal to take the worry and frustration associated with the collection of delinquent accounts off your shoulders. Simply put, Katzman Garfinkel is committed to getting your community the money it needs, when you need it the most.

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