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The Construction Defect Department at Katzman Garfinkel is committed to helping community associations understand what constitutes a construction defect and why handling such defects properly is important to the long-term viability of their communities. Our Construction Defect Department offers extensive experience handling construction defect claims on behalf of all types of common interest ownership communities. Our Firm does not represent developers so we are free to pursue these entities for the amounts owed to your association. Our winning team of attorneys, experts, investigators and staff reviews each case to determine the best course of action that will result in the most successful outcome for each association we represent. Our clients have the option of choosing such representation on either an hourly or contingent fee basis. Every association that has recently undergone a transition from developer control owes its membership a duty of full investigation to determine that the common elements and association property are defect-free prior to the Statute of Limitations expiring on such claims. Associations that fail to do so often find that they “inherit” the problems left by the developer over time and the association then becomes the party responsible to fix same.

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