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Katzman Garfinkel Releases 2012 Guide to Florida Community Association Legislative Changes

Katzman Garfinkel( , the leader in community association law in the state of Florida, today publicly released its third-annual guidebook to changes in Florida community association law, available for immediate download online at no charge to community association Board members, managers and residents throughout the state.

Katzman Garfinkel’s new “2012 Legislative Guidebook for Community Associations,” compiled by a team of the firm’s expert attorneys in community association law, is a public service offering from the statewide law firm that details the significance of all community association legislation passed in Florida in 2012, as well as specific case law developments during the course of the past 12 months that impact Florida community associations.

KG&B’s “2012 Legislative Guidebook for Community Associations,” available absolutely free for immediate download via the law firm’s website at, outlines in clear and concise language for community association leaders and residents how this year’s legislative changes that will impact the property values and the lives of millions of Floridians living in the estimated 60,000 community associations statewide.

“Katzman Garfinkel is very pleased to release our latest Guidebook in the ‘Law and Learning Guidebook Series’ as a public service for community leaders statewide, who are starved for reliable information on the latest legislative changes and how these will directly impact their communities,” said Mary Ann Chandler, Partner, Katzman Garfinkel. “Truly ‘Committed to Community,’ our firm prides itself on providing free educational information and resources, secure in the knowledge that well-informed community associations are much more likely to be well-governed, financially sound and socially well-adjusted communities, to the benefit of all the residents and neighbors who live in them.”

Some key features of the 2012 Legislative Guidebook for Community Associations include a “Summary of Legislation Impacting Community Associations” that details four new Legislative bills that are set to become law on July 1, 2012:

  • HB 13: Sovereignty Submerged Lands — Relating to dock space in multifamily communities, and removes some of the monetary inequities and overregulation that the State has historically imposed on dock owners in multifamily communities;
  • HB 517: Reducing and Streamlining Regulations — Reduces and streamlines numerous areas within the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), and further impacts condominium associations by extending the Distressed Condominium Relief Act (aka bulk buyer protections) from its original sunset date of 2012 for an additional three years to 2015″;
  • HB 1013: Residential Construction Warranties — Attempts to overturn case law and limit the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness, or habitability, so that there is no cause of action for off-site improvements in a homeowners’ association, effectively removing all responsibility from Florida developers to deliver defect-free sidewalks, driveways, streets, drainage areas and more; and,
  • HB 1001: Timeshares — Providing added protections to timeshare purchasers by requiring the full and fair disclosure of terms, conditions and services offered by timeshare resale service providers.

In addition, KG&B’s free 2012 Legislative Guidebook provides an important “Community Association Case Law Update” section, outlining several recent examples of case law decisions that impact Florida’s community associations. These include case law related to attorney/client privilege, records requests, elections, Kaufman language in association governing documents, lien collection and foreclosure, material alterations and covenant enforcement related to pets, overnight guests and disruptive and abusive behavior by individual association members.

In a special section on Community Association Issues and Topics of Interest, the Guidebook provides analysis of recent case law regarding Kaufman language in association governing documents and devotes a section to discussion of the need for communities to incorporate Kaufman language into their documents so they may benefit from future statutory amendments.

In a section titled “Navigating Statutory Safe Harbor Provisions on the Wake of a Failed HB 319,” the Guidebook provides analysis to community association Boards, managers and homeowners regarding the issue of Statutory Safe Harbor for lenders, one of the most hotly debated topics during the 2012 Legislative Session.

Interested Florida community association Board members, residents, managers and other service providers may download a copy of KG&B’s 2012 Legislative Guidebook for Community Associations today at:

A statewide law firm proudly devoted to all aspects of Florida community association representation, Katzman Garfinkel offers Florida communities a full range of legal services, including general corporate representation, lien collection and foreclosure services and strategies, first-party insurance claim recovery and construction defect litigation.

Unique in its level of commitment to Florida community association education, Katzman Garfinkel has been designated as “One of the Most Distinguished Law Firms in America” by Martindale-Hubbell, a peer review rating system spanning more than a century of service evaluating American Law Firms. For more information, visit:

About Katzman Garfinkel:
Katzman Garfinkel is Florida’s leader in community association law, with clientele that include more than 1,000 of the finest community associations statewide.

“Committed to Community,” the firm provides a comprehensive educational program for Board members and managers through the Katzman Garfinkel Law and Learning Center, including the popular Board Member Boot Camp® seminars and “We Speak Condo” course series. Dedicated to the best interests of Florida community associations, the firm does not represent developers, banks, insurance companies or other entities with interests adverse to its community association clientele.

For more information and contact details for Katzman Garfinkel’s seven strategically located offices throughout Florida, visit:

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