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Association Lifestyle

Boomer Shock: Preparing Communities for the Retirement Generation

A resourceful guide for community associations seeking to accommodate the needs and demands of residential retirees, including tips on how to modify governing documents, as well as how to provide essential medical, transportation, and educational services for elderly residents.

Association Lifestyle

Building Community: Proven strategies for turning homeowners into neighbors

A helpful guide containing proven strategies that can improve a community association's sense of social and civic well-being. This includes strategies for encouraging community cooperation, promoting civic participation, and bettering association governance.

Association Lifestyle

Community First! Emerging visions reshaping America's condominium and homeowner associations

Examines the myriad emerging ideas, visions, and trends that are reshaping the way we view community associations; a practical guide for those seeking to build community trust, encourage volunteerism, and promote his or her vision of the future of their community associations. Contains advice from industrial leaders, as well as practical suggestions from developers, lawyers, community managers, and home owners to help foster a sense of community.

Association Management/Administration

Best Practices: The Complete Set

A compilation of reports and studies put together by the Community Associations Institute and the Foundation for Community Association Research designed to assist association practitioners effectively run and manage their community associations. This contains studies done in areas pertaining to association governance, financial operations, energy efficiency, and much more.

Association Management/Administration

Conducting Meetings: A Guide to Running Productive Community Association Board Meetings (2nd Ed.)

A resourceful guide on how to improve board meeting efficiency and productivity, with tips offered on how to properly prepare for meetings and keep members focused, as well as on how to proficiently record important meeting details.

Association Management/Administration

Decision-Making in Communities: Why groups of smart people sometimes make bad decisions

Explores the social dynamics at play in group decision-making, including how groups themselves influence the decision-making process, what the common features of group-relating thinking are, and why group decision-making can sometimes produce unfavorable outcomes.

Association Management/Administration

Robert's Rules of Order: Newly Revised, In Brief

An essential step-by-step guide containing advice on how to properly conduct association electoral procedures, tips for maintaining meeting orderliness, explanations of the duties of elected board members, committee appointees, and/or convention delegates, as well as an FAQ section that addresses vital concerns of board members.

Association Management/Administration

Self-Management: A Guide for Small Community Associations (2nd Ed.)

A resourceful guide specifically geared to helping volunteer boards of small community associations effectively govern. Attention also given to what areas of responsibility and operations fall under the authority of a self-managing board, as well as to pertinent legal considerations including fair housing, antenna rules, fair debt collection, and hiring practices.

Association Management/Administration

The Board Member Tool Kit: A Guide for Community Association Volunteer Leaders (2nd. Ed.)

An essential guide for community association volunteer leaders trying to understand the roles of elected board member offices, such as the president, secretary, and treasurer. Advice is also given on how to find other volunteers, manage finances and reserves, select contractors, and much more.

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