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Guidebook Series

2013 Legislative Guidebook

The 2013 Legislative Session was an important one for shared ownership communities throughout Florida with comprehensive changes to the statutes governing all types of associations. This guidebook breaks down those changes for you in an easy to read manner. We are offering a free consultation for boards who wish to discuss in person how these changes will impact their community. To schedule that complimentary consultation, or call us at 1-800-393-1529

Community Association Guidebook To Construction Defects And Deficiencies

This Guidebook provides an overview and summary of the issues facing far too many Florida communities. Our hope is that this Guidebook will provide what your board, manager and community need to know in terms of the remedies that are available, the procedures that should be followed and a number of “Do’s and Don’ts” to level the playing field when you are confronted with a construction defect or deficiency.

Community Association Collection & Foreclosure Guide

This Guidebook provides an overview of the many options and various strategies available to community associations to move the collection process forward, while shedding light on the many complicated issues involved in collecting delinquent assessments in today’s difficult economic environment.

Community Association Hurricane Preparedness Guide

This is a guide for community associations providing tips and suggestions to help you thoroughly prepare for a disaster as well as recover quickly from one.

Florida’s Political Process A Guidebook for Community Associations

Not everyone wants to be an advocate or to get involved in the political process, but having a basic understanding of that process can help regular citizens who just want to know what’s going on before, during and after the 60 days of the Florida Legislative Session. It is the hope of the law firm of Katzman Garfinkel and our Community Advocacy Network (CAN) that this guidebook gives you a better understanding of what happens in Tallahassee each year which can impact you and your community. Every voice and community does count in the challenge to pass positive rather than harmful legislation each year.

2012 Legislative Guidebook

While little occurred legislatively this year, we took the opportunity to include significant caselaw and policy discussion in our Guidebook to help our CAN member communities successfully navigate the issues that confront them on a daily basis.

2011 Legislative Guidebook

This is a guide to the 2011 legislative session’s amendments to community association law.

2010 Legislative Guidebook

This is a guide to the 2010 legislative session’s amendments to community association law.

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