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HB 203 Passed 11 to 2 – Still a Win in Our Book. Here’s Why:


This week, the Community Association Home Tax Bill (House Bill 203), passed its first committee by a vote of 11 to 2. Two more “NO” votes than last year from the identical committee. HB 203 is sponsored by Representative John Wood, the sponsor of last years bill who remarkably happens to live in a community association. The Legislators who joined CAN and the statewide coalitions opposing this bad bill were Representative Cynthia Stafford (Miami-Dade County) and Representative Lori Berman (Palm Beach County). These 2 “NO” votes in the early, early stages of the legislative process are so good for us. It shows that your direct emailing and calling efforts let our Legislators know the negative consequences of this Bad Bill. Your voices are definitely being heard. HB 203 must still leap over many more hurdles before it becomes law. The Bill will now head to the House Business and Professions Subcommittee for further debate and hearing. 


The Senate companion bill, SB 722, was filed this past Tuesday, 11/2/15 by Senator Kelli Stargel and can be found on the link below:

SB 722 is similar to HB 203 but it does not have “fee caps” which is a good thing for realtors.  The remainder of the Senate Bill is similar to HB 203 with all of the bad language that will hurt community associations.  The Senate will take SB 722 to 3 additional committees for hearing review and amendments before it’s heard on the Senate floor.  If passed by both the House and the Senate, the Bill must then go to the Governor for signing before it may become a new law.

These are terrible bills for community associations. They will end up being another tax we’ll have to pay for living in a neighborhood community association.

We encourage you to please email your legislators and continue to voice your concerns.  You CAN take action now by emailing the Representatives who serve on the House Business and Professions Subcommittee, which is the next stop for HB 203. Click here to email these representatives. Feel free to add any additional comments.  Please be advised that the link above may not work on your mobile device. If you have a problem with the link on your mobile device, please use a desktop computer.

Thank you for helping. Together we CAN and will make a difference for better, safer and financially sound community living. Through CAN, it’s volunteers, you, and your board of directors, we will continue to fight this “bad bill” as a unified, powerful voice.  

Please continue to spread the word by encouraging people to  visit for more information.

Have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love. 

Yours in Community,


Alan Garfinkel, Esq.

Katzman Garfinkel, Founding Partner

Community Advocacy Network (CAN), Chairman

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