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Count Your Blessings


While Erika has weakened to a tropical rainstorm, Florida is still expected to receive lots of rain heading into next week.  Cities at the most risk for heavy rain include Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville.  Please be careful while driving since this heavy rain may reduce visibility on the road and the highways can be treacherous. Nothing is more important than your safety and the safety and health of your loved ones.
Now that Erika has weakened, damaging winds are not expected to be present during the heavy rain, but that can change if Erika strengthens or an extra robust rain band concentrates on a certain area. Also be on the lookout for potential tornado risks. If a power line falls, stay far away and call 911.
Unfortunately heavy rainfall can also mean roof leaks and property damage.  Once your residence or the community’s buildings are secured from immediate and urgent damage, it is important that you email and call your insurance company if your property suffered damage.  Do not delay!  Insurance companies limit the time you are permitted to report a property damage/water claim.  Document the date of the storm AND TAKE PICTURES OF EVERYTHING.  Keep a record of any visible signs of damage. Contact your insurance agent AND the 800 claim number of your insurance company.  Then send an email confirming the conversation, who you spoke with and what they promised.  Your insurance company will then contact you about sending an insurance adjuster to inspect the damage.  We strongly encourage you have your own selected estimator/adjuster, representative, attorney or contractor attend the on site meeting along with the “independent” adjuster the insurance carrier sends out. 
If the remains of Erika impact your community, we are always here to help.  Please call toll free at (800) 393-1529,  we will provide guidance at no charge.
Wishing you a safe and secure week.
Yours in Community,
Alan Garfinkel, Esq.
Katzman Garfinkel, Founding Partner
Community Advocacy Network (CAN), Chairman

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