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We Won!

  Pat yourself on the back folks, because this past Tuesday, we had not 1 but 2 HUGE victories in the State Capital. First up, HB 203 The Estoppel “Home Tax” Bill.  Thanks to YOUR support and CAN’s Petition,  we convinced our Legislators  to remove the bad language in this bill before it was heard by […]

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They’re Cracking Under Our Pressure

  They’re Cracking under our Pressure   This will be a BUSY week in the Capital.   HB 203 – Tuesday, February 2nd 10:30 a.m.  The dreaded “Home Tax Bill,” HB 203, will be heard tomorrow by another committee- Business and Professions.  CAN continues to galvanize all state and national community association groups to create one voice and […]

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New Partnership: CAI joins CAN to fight Estoppel Bills

  Community Association Institute (CAI) Joins Forces with the Community Advocacy Network (CAN) in the Fight against taxing homeowners. Vote No HB 203/SB 722.   CAI is an international organization with more than 33,000 members and 60 chapters. CAI asked to join forces with CAN and place its considerable weight behind CAN’s Petition. “CAI’s Florida Legislative […]

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KILL BILL HB 203/ SB 722

  Last week SB 722- The Home Tax (Senate companion bill to HB 203) was passed by the Regulated Industries Committee 6 to 4.  Let me tell you folks, this is EXCELLENT progress – and here’s why.  Last year this same senate committee voted in favor of this same bill 9 to 2.  Had we received […]

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YOU CAN help Stop SENATE BILL 722 (The Home Tax)

Wow! In just three days, 833 of your fellow community leaders and owners signed CAN’s Petition against the 2016 Home Tax Bill.   I feel confident we will obtain over 1,000 Petition signatures before Wednesday at 4 pm 1/13/16 when SB 722 will be heard in the Senate. This Bill is the companion Bill to HB 203. We continue […]

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Sign CAN’s Petition NOW to Smash the Home Tax! Vote No to HB 203 and SB 722 – Estoppel Bills

  Next week, they’re Baaack . . . the 2016 Florida Legislative Session and the terrible “Estoppel Bills.”  We need your help NOW to Smash It!  Please sign CAN’s petition which will be printed and personally hand delivered to your Legislators in Tallahassee, telling them to vote NO to House Bill 203 and Senate Bill 722. You can sign the petition (if […]

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How’d You Spend Your Last $11 Million?

  After almost 4 years and approximately $11 Millions dollars of our money, Florida finally approved a Congressional District Map used to determine what neighborhoods are represented by what congressman..and who votes for whom. How does it affect you? You may have a little more say, with your next vote to determine which congressional and […]

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Ask and You Shall Receive

  It’s that time of year again . . . and I’m not referring to chestnuts roasting on an open fire. For community associations, the passing of Thanksgiving and the fast approach of Christmas and Hanukkah mean that you are almost out of time to adopt next year’s annual budget. If your board has not […]

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See and Be Seen…and Win $2500

  Attending a community association trade show is fun and beneficial for both service providers and community association leaders. Providers showcase skills and services, reach the target market, and gain valuable insight from the Billon Dollar community association industry.  Managers receive required yearly licensure educational credits; vet new and hold existing service providers accountable for […]

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Tis’ The Season . . . to be Alert!

  The holiday season always brings me joy.  It is the perfect combination of good food, family, friends and holiday cheer.  Unfortunately, it is also the time of year when theft and property crimes increase.  Here are a few CAN tips to keep your belongings and your home safe during the next few months: (1) […]

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Community Association Institute (CAI) Joins Forces with the Community Advocacy Network (CAN) in the Fight Against Specially Taxing Homeowners – Vote No HB 203/SB 722