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Here We Go Again. Florida Hurricanes

  Hermine became the first Hurricane to make landfall in Florida since Hurricane Wilma on October 24, 2005. Hermine made landfall as a Category 1 Hurricane just east of St. Marks, Florida at its peak intensity. From Florida to New York City, public events were cancelled, beach swimming banned, and schools closed; leaving many to […]

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Ask the Crystal Ball

  Last week we filed a Petition (Lawsuit) with the DBPR, Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares and Mobile Homes to compel an Expedited Decision regarding whether the controversial Fire Sprinkler Opt-Out Statute applies to low-rise and mid-rise condominiums. To view our Petition (Lawsuit) Click Here. No one knows for certain how the DBPR will Rule. […]

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We Didn’t Start the Fire – But We’re Putting It Out!

  Wow. This Fire Sprinkler Statute is a Disaster. Time is ticking on Condominium Sprinkler Compliance, see my previous Alerts Times Up and Fire Sprinkler Q&A. Rather than “Fuel The Fire” with more debate, from the world of pundits and committees, we are working hard to put out the fire and resolve this critical question. […]

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The Advantages of Electronic Voting

  Florida has become one of the latest states to allow associations to elect directors and pass amendments electronically. Electronic voting has many advantages and some of them are:    – Vote from anywhere you have internet access – a computer, smart phone or tablet.  – Increase member participation and make it easier to obtain […]

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“When the Wind Blows the Cradle Will Fall”

  We are well into the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season. Florida property owners and managers have already seen some severe weather typical for our region this time of the year. With 13 named storms this season and Hurricane Alex’s appearance in January, experts anticipate near or above “normal” activity through the end hurricane season, ending […]

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Fire Sprinkler Q&A

  Last month, we published a CAN Alert that discussed fire sprinkler retrofitting for condominiums. We received lots of questions regarding the requirements, which is understandable because the statute can be confusing. (To read the fire sprinkler CAN Alert from last month please go HERE).   Here are answers to some of the questions we […]

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Presenting CAN’s 2016 Legislator of the Year – Representative Debbie Mayfield

  We are pleased to announce that CAN named Representative Debbie Mayfield the 2016 CAN Legislator of the Year. This award is presented annually by CAN to a legislator who has exhibited outstanding public service and support of the Community Advocacy Network by promoting positive legislation and protecting the interests of the 9 Million Floridians […]

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Times up: Fire Sprinkler Deadline

  If you live in a condominium, then December 31, 2016 is an important date. And no, we aren’t talking about your New Years Eve plans.  December 31, 2016 marks the hard deadline to address whether fire sprinklers in your condominium must be retrofitted. By this coming December 31, 2016, a condo association that is […]

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Orlando: The City Beautiful

  We express our heartfelt condolences for the families and loved ones who are suffering as a result of the tragic events from this weekend.  When most people think of Orlando they think of Mickey Mouse, tourists, and time-shares. Orlando is so much more.  And I’m not just talking about the Orlando Magic, the UCF […]

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Hurricane Season Starts NOW!

    Ready, Set, Go!  Today, Wednesday, June 1st, marks the 1st day of the Atlantic hurricane season.  The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – a federal agency responsible for monitoring climate and the environment) believes this Atlantic hurricane season will have more activity than the past few years and may bring 1 to […]

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