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3,595 Days Since A Florida Hurricane


By Alan B Garfinkel, Esq.

That’s right it’s been nearly 10 years! 

This CAN ALERT will hope to refocus some of the 17 Million Floridians who suffered through the last Florida Hurricane. Since that time, Florida’s population has increased to almost 20 million people. Many of whom never experienced the punishment of Florida’s most extreme weather and then suffer further indignity by begging your insurance carrier to pay for property damage.

Tropical storm Erika formed late Monday night in the Atlantic Ocean and strengthened overnight.  It is moving towards Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands today.  It is currently projected to hit South Florida by early Monday morning.    



Although Erika’s future track and intensity beyond Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands is uncertain, it’s that time for community leaders, homeowners, and managers to help protect the lives and safety of residents living in Florida’s tens of thousands community association neighborhoods.

Here are several steps you can take Now to prepare your community in the event that the storm makes landfall:

  • Locate and secure all necessary documentation including insurance policies, resident lists, financial records and association governing documents.  Make sure you have printed copies available and computer records are backed up.

  • The most important insurance document is simply the first page called the Declaration Page. Hopefully, your deductible, reserves, lines of credit and cash flow are prepared for an emergency.

  • Secure any construction materials that may be on your property.

  • Turn off sprinklers when rain increases to avoid ground saturation.  

  • Order removal of any dead limbs now. Consider contacting a reputable tree service now to assist after a storm.

  • Make sure drains and gutters are clear.  

  • Reach out to vendors now so you aren’t pressured into high prices after the storm.  Many Florida vendors also offer Catastrophic Weather Agreements.  This means you are contractually guaranteed service after a storm which is important when these vendors are in high demand.  Consider using folks aligned with your current (CAI) Community Association Institute rather than potentially getting ripped off by “Johnny come lately” carpet baggers looking to make a quick buck.

  • Provide your residents with a supply checklist.  Encourage them to create an evacuation plan and create an inventory of their possessions.  

  • Check to see if you have fuel for your generators and do a test run.  Consider renting one if you do not have one.

  • Prepare a list with contact information of all of the professional vendors your association uses, including, but not limited to your attorney, insurance agent, accountant, elevator company and management company.  

  • Identify residents who may be vulnerable in the event of loss of power. 

Florida has more than 60,000 shared ownership communities. Our communities have special needs and RIGHTS when preparing and responding to a storm. 

For up to date information on tropical storm Erika, visit the National Hurricane Center at

If tropical storm Erika does impact your community, we are always here to help.  Please call toll free at (800) 393-1529 to assist with any of your community’s needs.

Please take this seriously. Wishing everyone a safe and uneventful weekend

Yours in Community,


Alan Garfinkel, Esq.

Katzman Garfinkel, Founding Partner

Community Advocacy Network (CAN), Chairman

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